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Is a credit sweep the best method for aggressive credit repair?

Listen, we all want aggressive credit repair and we want it done fast. Who would not like to see an 800-credit score in less than a month? What prevents us from disputing everything all at once? Why dispute in phases with the factual dispute methodology when you could use a credit sweep?

You have probably heard of credit sweeps and think that this aggressive approach to credit repair could be your solution also. First, let’s look at what a credit sweep really is. It is disputing everything all at once due to identity fraud. To be a victim of identity fraud there must be items on your report that don’t belong to you. You must have also filled a police report related to your identity fraud. This is also considered fraud and could get you in a lot of trouble. Even more good accounts could accidentally get flushed with the bad while doing a credit sweep.

With the factual dispute methodology, we take it easy and slowly getting rid of all the information on your report that is stale and aged. The old address, the wrong names, incorrect phone numbers. Anything that could be tied to you and collections, late payments or older debts. Once that is cleaned up, we go after the collections since these hurt your credit the most. We find information on that is not true with our interview process with you. That’s right we sit down and go over the items one by one to see the mistakes that the bureaus have made in reporting.

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Soon after these initial disputes, you will receive your reports from the credit bureaus. Some of the items will drop off and some will hold fast to. At this point, we will force their hand to verify the accounts are accurate and this should push a few more off. Still, even then bureaus will hold on to inaccurate information. What can we do next? Our next move at this point will be to make them tell us the method of verification and hand us over the paperwork. Too often they rely on the E-Oscar system or Metro2 and this system is not original paperwork or records of your debt.  We need to ensure they are verifying with real itemized invoices and contracts with wet signatures.

There are times when it’s just is smarter to leave an item on and not bother to dispute if an inquiry has less than 3 months to go it falls off your report. Same with a 6-year-old account that has one late payment. In a year this late payment will be off your report. We want to focus on the most recent items with the highest damage to you. This will often be collections and late payments within the last two years.

What about when you can not remove an item from the report?  Sometimes these negative items will come back with proper verification.   We have multiple choices after this.  We can contact the collector of the originator of debt and request a pay per delete.  We would never pay full price for this.  We often do goodwill letters to creditors you have maintained positive payment history.  We also follow up with the creation of new positive tradelines that are your own whether they be secure or unsecured.

Let’s face it we all want an awesome life that aggressive credit repair can bring us. We want to bring that awesome life to you with our style of credit repair. We also want to ensure you never have legal issues while repairing your credit.  Contact us today to find out how we can use the factual dispute methodology to help you.

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