Are you looking for lasting income through your retirement?

When developing your long-term financial plan, annuities are something you should consider. Lifetime payments and tax-deferred earnings are something that annuities can assist in your retirement. Our advisors at Wasatch Smart Finance can assist you in mapping your retirement goals and how annuities can help your financial stability.!

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These are some of the different classes of annuities you can put to use for your retirement

MYGA  A Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity. It is similar to a bank CD but often has a better interest rate. You deposit a sum of money into your account and each year your account gets a specified interest credit. Like CDs, penalties may apply if you withdraw funds from the account before the annuity expires, but check with an advisor to see how that might affect things. 
Immediate Annuities – For a specified period or for the rest of your life, you can use an immediate annuity for recurrent payments. Immediate annuities are usually single payment annuities. A large sum of cash can be used for income for a specific time frame. Immediate Annuities are not intended to offer liquidity or growth.
Income Annuities – An annuity that is fixed or variable paying a certain monthly amount. Income annuities are usually purchased in a lump sum and are used to provide a stable income for retirement.
Deferred Annuities -Deferred annuities will begin payments on a specific date. Usually, these are purchased with payments or sometimes a single payment. These payments are typically made while the insured is working in order to receive payments during their retirement.
Fixed Annuities – Fixed Annuities are used for savings or retirement for long-term investors that want to have the stability of a fixed interest rate with no risk that they’ll ever lose any of the principal. A fixed annuity will provide guaranteed growth and with a tax-deferred benefit.

Who are some of our best annuities from?

MassMutual • Allianz • American Equity • American General • American National • Athene Annuity • Cincinnati Life • Equitrust • Fidelity and Guaranty Life • Great American • Guggenheim • Legacy • Life of the Southwest • Lincoln National Life • l • Minnesota Life • Mutual Of Omaha • National Western • New York Life • North American • OneAmerica • Oxford • Penn Mutual • Principal National Life • Protective Life • Prudential Financial • Reliance Standard Life • Royal Neighbors • Standard • State Life • Symetra • United of Omaha