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I have a secret clearance is good credit important?

When I was in the military, I had little knowledge of credit much less how credit affected my secret clearance....

When should I use a secured credit card?

In 2003, my credit was a mess. It had multiple marks from multiple issues. I owed to a school, I...

I have been served by a debt collector, what can I do?

Even though we suggest you do not pay debt collectors outright, we also suggest you never ignore them. This goes...

My medical bills are out of control what can I do?

We at Wasatch Smart Finance are not fond of the medical industry, nor are we fond of medical billing practices....

How should I respond to debt collectors that are not licensed in my state?

Does a debt collector need a license for your state? Find out what to tell them if they don't have one! Call Wasatch Smart Finance Phone: 385-217-5552

Should I have and follow a budget, before I get credit repair?

Our primary business, of course, is credit repair, but credit repair will never be successful without a good budget. Would...

Don’t make these mistakes when looking for the right credit repair agency!

How can you pick the right credit repair firm?



What are the important parts that make up your FICO Credit Score?

Let’s face facts-your FICO Credit Score can be a bit of a mystery. How can one even begin to repair...