Credit Repair FAQ


How long before I see results?

This is dependent on how much work needs to be done.  The more marks, the more unpaid debts the more disputes with the credit bureaus that will need to be done.  Some customers see results around 60 to 90 days. On average it could be anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the level of damage done. The more items on your report the longer this will take.

What if all my negative items are accurate?

Even if all the marks are accurate there are still issues with entries that keep them from being correct. We analyze the mistakes by the Credit Bureau that you would not necessarily see.  Over 80% of all credit reports contain errors. using the factual disputing methodology we simply try to prune away at this misinformation. Will we be able to remove everything with factual disputing methodology, probably not and this is where some credit building tools are needed.

Do you manage or settle debts?

We are not a debt management or settlement company.  Due to Utah’s restrictive laws towards debt management, we are not allowed to perform this function. If it breaks down that you must communicate with your debt collectors, we would first assist you in validating, verifying and discovering if the collector even has the right to collect debts in the state of Utah. If this does not work out, we would then assist you in drafting a pay for a delete letter.  Paying a debt collector outright would never usually improve your credit score because they have little incentive to remove it from your report.  Please talk to us before ever doing that! We want to improve your credit score not leave marks on it.  Paying a debt collector outright could further mar your credit not improve it! If they say they cannot remove the collection from your credit report they are misinformed or lying.

Can you communicate with us via e-mail?

We are available for you via phone, e-mail or even in person every communication medium your desire.  Our goal is to optimize your credit and finances, so we would like to talk every 30 to 45 days.

What if I live in a rural area in Utah?

Don’t worry we have we use a conferencing product like zoom to go over your credit with you to include our one on one class to improve your credit report and score. We would never want someone to be left out because they do not live in the larger metro area.

Isn’t time the only way to improve credit?

If this was true credit repair agencies would not exist.  The credit bureaus do not care about the accuracy of your credit report.  Neither do your creditors or debt collectors. You need an advocate on your side who does care and wants to see an improvement for you.

Can I repair my credit by myself?

This option does exist.  Many people get it right after trial and error. It helps to have an experienced advocate on your side to ensure the methodologies they have learned can best be used.  While using our service if you need to contact the bureaus please work with us so we do not send cross information that could be confusing to the bureau.  We would never prevent you from contacting the bureaus yourself this is your right.  Lets just team together to create a unified message.  Our goal is to have the utmost transparency for every action we make.  

Since you can’t promise to raise my score what exactly am I paying you for?

It’s true we are not allowed to guarantee an exact score raise.  The monthly fee you pays for document preparation, credit usage, scoring advice, and financial coaching.   Still, our goal is to clean your report up and if we accomplish that, a healthy score will follow.

I don’t even have a good monthly budget, how will credit repair save me?

The first thing we want to do is get you a better holistic financial picture. We want to get you using a good budgeting product like Mint so you can monitor your input and your output of your money flow. Also, check out our blog article on making a budget. We have a system that will help you get control of that. Other agencies just either don’t care so they can keep you as a customer longer or won’t take you on as a customer.  Our goal is your financial success, not a monthly payment.

What are your startup fees?

Our primary credit analysis is always free.  Our first work fee for document preparation is 149.00 dollars, then 99.00 monthly for financial coaching and document preparation after that. We will need you to pay for credit monitoring while you are in the credit repair process. Both of us need to have a fresh look at your credit report monthly to know where you stand what got removed and to make our unified plan forward.   We have affiliated with smartcredit.com and will get you a reduced membership.

Other costs are but not limited to opening a secure credit card if you have never had a credit card.  Sometimes if you have had a bankruptcy we might need you to open an account to make payments with someone like Fingerhut to get more positive marks on your credit report.  All these costs are minimal.

I would prefer a Pay per Delete model, do you have one?

We do please take a look below at our Pay per delete prices, as you can see the monthly rate is a better deal.

Our No-Risk Pay After Deletion Pricing

Initial Audit/File Review Fee – $149 – This fee is due AFTER we obtain your information, review your file, enter information into our back office, and create your initial letters (This is completed within 24 hours)

Results Fees – These fees are due upon receipt of invoice, files are reviewed for results every 35 days. First review will be about 35 days after we mail your initial letters

Standard Deletions – $35 per item per bureau – Collections| Charge-offs | Repos | Medical Bills | Late Pays | Foreclosures | Any Negative item Not In the Public Records Section Of Credit Report

Judgments – $150 per item per bureau

Bankruptcies | Tax Liens – $250 per item per bureau

Technical Data – $25 per item per credit bureau – Name variation and/or address deletions

What about extremely difficult items such as bankruptcies, student loans, repossessions, foreclosures, evictions, and judgments?  Are these not almost impossible to remove?

We get rid of these by first disputing the agencies that the credit bureaus get this info from.  Sometimes it even takes a security freeze on these agencies to prevent them from continuously putting this info back on the credit report. Either way, we slowly but surely get this negative information removed.  It will take longer than a regular account with just collections and a few late payments.   Our goal is to ensure you do not have these mistakes again just as much as it is to get your credit clean.

Can you help me if I have been a victim of identity fraud?

Being a victim of identity fraud should be a fairly easy case to handle.  We must have supporting documentation such as a police report or other similar documentation.  Please remember reporting identity fraud when it did not happen is a crime.

What documents do you need from me at in-processing?

We need a copy of your driver’s license with your current address on it. We also need a current utility bill with an address on it. These items help us prove your true address to the credit bureaus which might be using old addresses which could be tied to inaccurate information. If you are interested in an extended financial coaching class we will give you an extended questionnaire so that we can have a longer second meeting to analyze your complete financial picture. We understand discussing finances can be uncomfortable but nothing is more uncomfortable than not taking control of them.

Should I hire a firm or agency that has an attorney on board?

As an attorney might help with some specific niche areas overall you will pay dearly for having one work on your credit repair.   Law school and the time it takes to pass the bar all get calculated into their charge rates.  For what an attorney costs an hour you could afford us for several months.   Having said that there are times that it might be best to have an attorney such as someone who has several 100,000 dollars’ worths of debt, have garnishments or someone being sued by multiple creditors or debt collectors.  If we feel that something requires the practice of law we will refer you to an attorney.

Can I cancel at any time?

You have the right to cancel your contract with any credit repair organization for any reason within five business days at no charge to you in the state of Utah. Having said that you can cancel with us at any time.

What if I am unsatisfied?

We desire your highest level of satisfaction if we are unable to assist you in improving your credit in a refund may be available.  Of course, you must assist us in this by not applying for new credit and making good on your current payments while with us.  This is the cornerstone for immediate credit improvement. Please read here for our 90 day money back Guarantee.

Wouldn’t I just be better off with a credit counselor?

We have reviewed many credit counselors’ webpages recommended by the Consumer Finacial Protection Bureau.  Their costs are quite low compared to ours.  After reviewing almost every single one we caught on why. Most of these credit counselors appear to be marketing funnels for bankruptcy firms.  Our goal is to help you prevent you from having to file bankruptcy not get you further to it.

My spouses’ credit is even worse than mine can you help both of us at the same time, surely you would give us a discount if there is two of us?

The first person gets a discount of 79.00 a month. They must also get credit monitoring during this time.

What about Veterans, Military, Firefighters and other first responders?

We apply the same discount above to them. Please bring some proof of service for the discount.