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Many Cedar City Utah residents are asking where can I find life insurance near me in Cedar City Utah? Are you looking for life insurance in Cedar City Utah? The average per month for term life insurance for a 35-year-old non-smoker who is healthy according to our quoter is as little as 18 dollars a month for a million-dollar policy for 10 years and as much as 33 dollars for a 20-year term life insurance policy.

Questions many Cedar City Utah residents ask when purchasing a policy are:

Do you offer products that have living benefits for Cedar City Utah residents?

We offer products with living benefits! Check out our article titled “Advice on living benefits for life insurance and do Utahans need them?” here for more information!

Can Cedar City Utah citizens get a policy without a medical exam?

Absolutley, we offer no medical exam products through Ethos Life that have no medical exam and minimal health questions. We also offer products through our own online life insurance quote engine find a quote there and pick the product with no medical exam, they are usually only a few dollars more than the average product!

What are the factors towards getting the best price in life insurance for Cedar City Utah citizens?

Age: Of course age is the biggest factor that can affect the life insurance rates of someone’s life insurance coverage. The older you get the more likely a insurance carrier will have to pay on policy.

Gender: Life expectancy is much higher with women than men, they live an average of 81.1 years to man’s 76.1. This helps decrease life insurance costs for women.

Smokers: Smokers pay a higher rate due to being susceptible to many diseases such as cancer and emphysema. Often quitting will lower your rates in less than two years.

Health: Insurance Carriers often require a medical exam and health records prior to issuing a policy. With this risk factors can be factored in to your life insurance rates.

Lifestyle: Hobbies that are high risk such as hang-gliding, skydiving or rock climbing an be added in to your policy rates. There are also job fields such as asbestos removal, roofers and being a stunt pilot that could place you in a higher risk category also.

Term Length: The longer you will hold a policy the more expensive it will be. This is why people are encouraged to get policies while they are younger. This also explains the difference between term and whole life insurance premiums costs.

Size of Coverage: Even thought this is obvious the higher benefit your coverage is the more you will pay.

Credit Score: Insurers now look at your credit score as a sign of longevity. The better your score the longer you are likely to live. Repairing your credit can often lower your score.

Driving History: Risky Behaviors such as getting multiple speeding tickets over a short time period could push your life insurance rates up.

What about term life insurance coverage that can be converted to whole life insurance for Cedar City residents?

We have partnered with MassMutual and their fast and easy term life product called CoverPath! You can do term life quotes that are term life alone or that can be converted to whole life insurance in the future. This product has algorithmic underwriting that can be complete rapidly. As you know MassMutual is an A++ rated insurer.

Do you have a dedicated agent for Cedar City Utah?

The great news is we have an advisor dedicated to all matters of life insurance in Cedar City Utah! Kit Eizenga is our foremost insurance advisor for this area!

Does Wasatch Smart Finance offer life insurance products beyond term life insurance for Cedar City Utah dwellers?

We do offer many products beyond term life insurance! We offer whole life insurance, Infinity Banking concept products, universal life insurance products, indexed universal life insurance products, and annuities. Please contact for more info on these life insurance products as an online quote is not efficient in tailoring them towards your personal needs!

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