Credit Repair Utah

October 2019 Special

If you landed on this page it’s because you have hit one of our billboards, flyers or magnetic sign ads. Today is your lucky day because we have a great special for October 2019.

Free Credit Analysis! We sit down and analyze your report to show you what we need to remove to get your report higher.

Free Optimize your credit class! We show you exactly the next step you need to take to increase your score organically!

Free review of your Lexis Nexus (public) records with you! We dig into any public records that could be keeping your score from being the highest it could be. We also analyze Lexis Nexus to ensure it is not hurting future job prospects and insurance scores.

First work fees waived (normally 149.00), and you only pay 79.00 USD after you receive your first disputes back!

Who in Utah has a better deal than this?

Click here today to contact us or call 385-217-552 for this amazing deal only in September!

If you have any questions about our services check out our informative FAQ