Health care is at an all-time high as far as costs go. We have now partnered with Teladoc and to bring you health you can access at home, work, or anywhere. The best benefit can offer is not just a doctor over the phone but live video care where you can show the doctor your issues right there. Even if you are on a trip and forgot your prescription? Not a big deal call into and get a perscription refill.

Even if you are not worried about COVID-19 doctor’s offices and clinics are filled with viruses, germs, and bacteria this time of year skip those visits and do it virtually!


24×7 Access to Certified, Credentialed and Insured Professionals.


Call from home, office or while on the road. Access from anywhere. That’s right Healthiest You is care you can reach with an App!


Save thousands each year by resolving up to 70% of issues over the phone. From 11 dollars for just you to 15 dollars

healthiest you

Have questions before you sign up? Call us so we can help you your through!

Did you know we also do life insurance? Get quoted with us today!